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Working with company is great but with a company that give you opportunities to work with multiple employers is even greater. If you are someone who work best under pressure then McKinsey makes great employer for you. As you know McKinsey is a Business Consulting Firm, they help business grow in size and revenue, when you join McKinsey most of the time you will be working with the world's topmost CEOs and Business Managers in fulfilling their dreams.

Pay and Perks are handsome and beautiful and McKinsey. Yes, you heard right, you will get fat pay package plus leisure plus exposure to diverse industries ranging from A-Z. Whether you are a student, just college pass out, a mid level professional or highly experienced, McKinsey is open to all.

They visit campuses across the globe  to recruit top notch talent. Often visited campuses are the likes of IITs and IIMs. What about others? If you are not studying in one such campus or waiting to get a job offer look for McKinsey. Whether you are Undergraduate, MBA, Engineer, Doctor, Ph.D or Experienced professional and want to change job, find a suitable work role for you with McKinsey in your preferred location.

At the time of writing this article McKinsey is 4.3 at a scale of 5 over Rating helps in understanding trust factor between employer and employees and McKinsey has a large pool of those either inside or out in the world and making their own mark.

Don't afraid if you are from an average school. Companies want to hire you and not the billboard of your school. I believe the students and faculties makes a school great. The difficulty level of interview at McKinsey is above average (for obvious reasons). Everyone is ready to work and eligible for a task or another. What makes the difference is who can handle a task better. This is what interviewers are supposed to test during hiring process. After all, they have to save own job too. The difficulty level is rate below hard and above average 3.9 on a scale of 5 at Glassdoor website.

No, contrary to popular belief, McKinsey has interviews 45% applicant from direct online applications and only 29% through campus. Recruiting agencies only contributed to 2%.

If you are in a campus, ask your placement officer if McKinsey is visiting. In otherwise case, you can apply directly through online channel. Follow the link 

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