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World History General Knowledge for Competitive Examinations

World History is a very broad term. No book is enough to include everything from whole world. Its really really huge. Consuming all History is not a single day task, its a continuous process and everyone should read it. In competitive examination held in India like Railway Recruitment Exam, Banking Exams, SSC Exams, UPSC, PSC Exams, Admission Test, Scholarship Test, Entrance Test and general competitions questions are asked from World History. I dig deeper into couple of syllabus and past years question papers to prepare this History Guide from you. Information is taken largely from sources like Wikipedia, History Books of Different Classes, About.Com, Encyclopedia, CIA World Fact Books and other reliable resources. Hope you will enjoy reading through these lessons for general purpose and for preparation test as well. Following given links to World History Pages published on this website

World History Lesson 1 (Ancient World – Down to 500 AD)

World History Chapter 2 (Greek Civilization)

World History Chapter 3: Important Dates of World History

4. Famous Wars in the World History and Timeline

5. Famous Nicknames of Eminent Persons

6. Roman Civilization

The Magic of Seven

7. Medieval World

8. Arab Civilization

9. Medieval China

10. Medieval Japan

11. Modern World – 1500 AD Onwards

12. The Glorious Revolution in England: 1688 - 1689

13. American Revolution 1775 – 83 in Chronology

14. French Revolution

15. Unification of Italy: 1848-70

16. Unification of Germany

17. First World War: August 4, 1914 to November 11, 1918

18. Russian Revolution

19. Chinese Revolution 1911 and 1949

20. Turkish Revolution: 1923

21. Economic Development of the World: 1929 - 34

22. Fascism in Italy

23. Nazism in Germany

24. Militarism in Japan

25. Second World War: September 3, 1939 to August 14, 1945

An Overview of Historical Facts and Figures


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