Friday, December 1, 2017

An Overview of Historical Facts and Figures

Human history is full of events and stories. Starting from caves’ men to computer men, there are stories, sometime real, sometime imaginary. We all have heard Alibaba and 40 Thieves Stories. The ancient Alibababa and his gang used to open the locks using words khul ja sim sim. Today to unlock smartphone screen we use I am in, isn’t it.

Stories and events fascinates us. What we remember and learn from an story and how it inspire us to shape the world is what matter to human race. Better you are inspired better you are in doing things, better commitments.
To know the level of your inspiration, short questions are asked for admissions into academics and competitive exams. With portals like Wikipedia, all such facts and figures are just one click away. For the readers of this blog I have gathered here facts and figures. These lessons will help you in answering questions while writing competitive exams like Navodaya Vidyalaya Admission Test, Sainik School Admission Test, NTSE, Bank PO, SSC, Railways, Defence, State Civil Service and Central Civil Services etc. And at best these lessons will help you in gaining some organized knowledge. Here are some lessons

List Of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites In India

General Knowledge: First in India

GK: First Heads of States (World)

GK: First Visitors, Invaders

GK: First in World

GK: Nationals Animals and Countries

Countries and National Flowers

List of National Fruits

Important Rivers of the World

List of National Birds of Some Prime Countries

National Emblems of Different Countries

International Boundaries

News Agencies of Some Countries

Some Important Political Parties of Different Countries

Intelligence Agencies of the world

Signs and Symbols and Their Significance

Indian National Symbols

Official Books and Papers

Nick Names of Important Indian Places

Most Popular Newspaper

Interesting Facts about India

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