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•    Bacteria were discovered by Antony von Lecuwenhoek in 1829; he is regarded as Father of Bacteriology.
•    The Bacteriology is the scientific study of Bacteria.
•    The Robert Koch (1812-1892) discovered the bacteria of Tuberculosis disease.
•    The Louis Pasteur (1812-1892) discovered the vaccine of rabies and pasteurization of milk.

Properties of Bacteria

•    Bacteria is prokaryotic organism, it has no membrane-enclosed nucleus.
•    Bacteria has no mitochondria or chloroplasts
•    A bacteria is a single chromosome

•    A bacteria is a closed circle of double-stranded DNA

Classification of Bacteria

On the basis of shape, bacteria is of following types-

•    Bacilli: these are rod-shaped
•    Cocci: These are spherical
•    Spirilla: These are curved walls
•    Comma Shaped: These are like English Sign (,) comma.

Uses of Bacteria

•    Bacteria have been used for thousands of years in the production of food. Cheese, pickles, soy sauce, sauerkraut, vinegar, wine and yogurt are all examples of the usefulness of bacteria.
•    Bacteria are used in the chemical industry to make pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals. Since they grow easily and quickly, they can be used in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry.
•    Our understanding of bacteria allows the biotechnology field to produce insulin, growth factors and antibodies for the medical industry.
•    Some bacteria, such as acidophilus, are considered "friendly." Many species of bacteria live in our intestines, promoting good digestion and immune health.


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