Thursday, December 7, 2017

General Knowledge: Zoology

The animals, Birds and Bees together with humans makes living world beautiful. Humans exploit planet upto the maximum; for the very reason we should know about other creatures so as to protect them or protect us from them. Personally I think everyone shall read Zoology. My favorite zoology book was by Dr Veerbala Rastogi.

For the readers of this blog who prepare for different exams like UPSC Exam,  SSC Exam, Bank PO Exam, Teachers' Training Exam, Defence Exam, Scholarship Test, Admission Test etc I have gathered here General Knowledge Lessons.

Introduction to Zoology

Human Blood

Major organ systems

Circulatory System

The nervous system


Functions of Protein

Functions of Fats in the Human Body


Minerals and Their Function in Human Body

Water and Human Body

Balanced Diet

List of Diseases Caused by Bacteria

Diseases Caused by Viruses in Humans

Medical Inventions and Discoveries

Biology of Cell

Sex Determination in Humans

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