Social Media Job Titles

Social Media networking; and better network means better better popularity, ultimately better business. What was created for human interaction is now a hot spot for generating leads, and making money.  Its not only personal now. Companies hire social media professionals  to work on products and services over social media.
There are many businesses that offer social media consulting to businesses. Social Media has minimized the need for field marketers but at the same it created the needs for people who are atleast computer literate. People of any qualification can work on social media. I am not talking about WallMart; they need better expertise to maintain huge data.
Different companies needs different kind of expertise. However to be a social media workers you need to know three basic things
1.    How to write 2. How to create graphics 3. Who are your target audience
Advanced expertise means better position and better salary.
When you look any job search engine like Glassdoor or Monster it shows you related search terms as well. You can find all jobs posted over a network for a given search query. Job positions are many, there are no fixed terms. Some companies use there own terms for social media recruits. If you are interested in working on social media here are some job profiles you will like to apply

  • Director of Social Media: Other similar titles for the same role- Director or manager of social media marketing, Director or manager  of social media communication, Director or manager  of social media relations, Director or manager of social media strategy
  • Brand Manager or Brand Ambassador
  • Engagement Coordinator: Other synonyms to this job role are director of community, interactive media associate (or coordinator, or manager),  internet marketing manager
  •     Blogger
  •     Brand Ambassador
  •     Brand Manager
  •     Community Manager
  •     Content Manager
  •     Content Strategist
  •     Digital Communications Professional
  •     Digital Content Manager
  •     Digital Media Manager
  •     Digital Media Producer
  •     Digital Media Supervisor
  •     Director of Community
  •     Director, Communications Planning
  •     Director, Online Communications
  •     Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications
  •     Director, Social Media Marketing
  •     Director of Social Media
  •     Director of Social Media Communications
  •     Director, Social Media Relations
  •     Director of Social Media Strategy
  •     Engagement Coordinator
  •     Engagement Manager
  •     Interactive Media Associate
  •     Interactive Media Coordinator
  •     Interactive Media Manager
  •     Internet Marketing Coordinator
  •     Internet Marketing Manager
  •     Manager Digital and Social Media
  •     Manager, Social Media
  •     Multi-Media Communications Specialist
  •     Online Content Coordinator
  •     Social Media Account Executive
  •     Social Media Analyst
  •     Social Media Assistant
  •     Social Media Associate
  •     Social Media Coordinator
  •     Social Media Designer
  •     Social Media Editor
  •     Social Media Executive
  •     Social Media Marketing Coordinator
  •     Social Media Manager
  •     Social Media Producer
  •     Social Media Specialist
  •     Social Media Strategist
Jobs may also come outside of here listed positions but these are some universally available social media work positions.

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