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Download Cheat Sheet: How to chose between two different jobs

Throughout the academic career, an individual acquire many skills. From among the skill sets he / she can apply for couple of jobs. Today's question arise from my Quora Profile; an user asked which is better job, editing or marketing? Editing and Marketing are very broad terms, but from the question I felt and most precisely, I suppose, this person is eligible for both the jobs but not pretty sure to which to make a career choice. For obvious reasons, I think of perhaps this is the problems of many job seekers when they are stuck in selecting a career. Suppose you have two jobs to chose from Job A and B or three Jobs, Job A, B and C then how to select the better one that fits you? Consider following points when deciding between Jobs. Ask to yourself following questions What are the eligibility requirements to apply for this job? What are the new things I need to learn to do this job? Oo I have necessary skills? Where I want to be 2 year / 3 year / 5 year down the line?

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