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Must have Android Apps for IELTS preparation

Preparation for admission test and especially when you planning to study abroad is really tough task. Oftentimes I hear stories in magazines like ‘I studied 14 hours a day to pass the test, I studied 9 hours a day to pass the test and so on so forth. I don’t know whether such stories are true or false. I never studied 15 hours, to me it seems unbelievable. To me preparation means adoption of curriculum round the clock whereever you go. There is exam in your mind and you are trying to learn every moment, that is the meaning of exam in my view.

All Voices gives voice to workplace victims

Sexual harassment / asking favor for continuing job or promotion is more than common in workplaces across world. According to studies 71% sexual harassment cases in workplace go unreported. Oftentimes victim do not gain enough courage to report, it could due to fear of job loss, not supportive family members or social taboo attached with such conditions.

Oliveboard: Your Pathway to Clear Government Exams in the First Attempt

One of the most lucrative and satisfying and respectful jobs that a man can get is a government job. Be it the state government or the central government. A job in the government and being an employee of the government gives you a chance to serve the nation and the people and along with a good pay and job security it gains you massive respect. With a population of over a billion in India and government job vacancies being as little as a lakh it has become increasingly difficult to get a job with the government.  This is because the competitive exams for the jobs need a good amount of preparation and loads of knowledge about the current affairs.

Ten Apps and Gadgets To Help You Stay Focussed

No area of life is untouched from Apps and Gadgets. If we look other way round, it feels like we cannot stay productive without the help of technology. Its reaching to everyone in one format or the other. Technology is equally penetrating education and jobs sphere. While flipping through various internet databases, the headline 10 Apps and Gadgets to Help You Find Zen  Though at first glance it seems this article is very much business oriented, but since my readers comes from every sphere including working professionals looking for career enhancement, personally I feel same is worth sharing here. Enjoy Reading!