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List of Universities in United States of America (USA)

Studying in United States is a dream for many International Students. Every year several thousand candidates write applications for US Universities and Colleges but lucky few get selected. Like many of you reading this page, I was also dreaming to Study Abroad and in the United States. Back then in 1995, Internet was not like it is today. For writing my application and know everything about US Colleges and Universities I traveled all alone nearly 700 kms to reach to USEFI in New Delhi now called USIEF I belong to family where main source of income is cultivable land. I am not affluent and wealthy. Despite that I was keen to make it to a US College. Even the counselor at USEFI was positive about my abilities. But big question was how I am going to finance my studies there. Finding a job was one option but in my case it was like what if I won’t a get a job there. Personally to me real guidance was first hurdle. There was almost none who can guide me about Universities and College

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