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National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Applications are invited for admission to the following Ph.D. Programmes for the academic year 2009: - Medicinal Chemistry Natural Products Pharmaceutical Analysis Pharmacology & Toxicology Pharmaceutics Biotechnology Pharmacoinformatics Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology) Eligibility: For Medicinal Chemistry: M.S.(Pharm.) [Medicinal Chemistry/Natural Products]; M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) ; M.Tech. (Pharm.) (Bulk Drugs); M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) For Natural Products: M.S.(Pharm.) [Natural Products/ Medicinal Chemistry/Traditional Medicine]; M.Pharm. [Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ Pharmacognosy]; M.Tech.(Pharm.) (Bulk Drugs); M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) For Pharmaceutical Analysis: M.S.(Pharm.) (Pharmaceutical Analysis); M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Analysis); M.Sc. (Organic/ Analytical Chemistry) For Pharmacology & Toxicology: M.S.(Pharm.) [Pharmacology & Toxicology/ Biotechnology/Regulatory Toxicology]; M.Pharm. (Pharmacology); M.Sc. [Pharmacology/ Toxicology/ Zoolog

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