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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Why students should follow thought leaders on twitter

Twitter is big, in fact truly big. Experts, industry leaders,  inventors,  inventors,  investors connects on Twitter. The people of such profile like to talk precisely.  They do not create u wanted noise.  They speak limited but their words holds huge value.
Twitter is true social media, here you need to say it in few words.  You have limited space to broadcast your words. Incidentally thought leaders speak in limited words.
Creating Twitter profile is super easy.  You don't need to reveal everything in profile section. It has limited but enough space to show who you are.
With whatsoever school you are associated, chances are it have own twitter handle.  Follow it, your teachers and other fellow students. 
Next search for your interests in Twitter,  for example,  photography,  software engineering or whatever you want to.
You will get a Hashtag of your intent in Twitter.  Take it in your favorite.
Now scan through the Hashtag and find who are tweeting around that.
According to your interest follow people may be 10 or 20.
Check everyday what those people said. Read your most favorite posts and keep in your favorite.
Retweet posts those you like truly.  You can put your own words with Retweet.
Also put comments below your favorite tweets.
Do it as ritual for 30 minutes a day or less.
Over a year you will have many Twitter followers.
The influencers who following will notice your efforts.
Doing you may get:
A job
Funds to start a business
A lead or your first customer.
Isn't it great.
And least but not lost you can become Twitter Influencer yourself.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Top 3 Social Media Sites for Beginners

Internet is full of social media sites. One can use any and many depending on requirements. Being a learner you can not put only limited time on social media and its important today. Social Media connections makes great references which you can use throughout your career. Here are Top 3 Social Media Sites for learners:

What Is Social Media

The Social Media offers ease of connecting with people anytime anywhere only for the expense of some data packets. This is one of the prime reasons people who use a computer or mobile device also uses some kind of social media too. There comes new social media sites everyday. This is why Social Media Developers are high on demand world over.

What is Social Networking

Social Networking offers ease of connecting with people (friends, family, faculty members, business prospects etc) round the clock. There are uncountable numbers of social networks; you can use a selected few or as many as you wish. Using one such social network you can make new friends, share ideas & interests and learn new things. The mobile internet is reaching to everyone and use of Social Network is absolutely free. Students can make use of social network to share class notes and presentations etc among peer study groups. Also use of Social Networking is highly popular among business executives and product marketers.

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