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Georgia: A hot education destination for international students

This article provides information about living and studying in Georgia. Details include facts and figures about country, lifestyle, visa requirements and admission procedure in colleges, universities and institutes of higher education in Georgia.

About Georgia 

Between Greater Caucasus and Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges, on the interaction of Easter Europe and West Asia there lies a beautiful country called Georgia. The total of Georgia is 26,911 sq mi, where lives some 4 million people. The native speaks Georgian (in large percentage), Azerbaijani, Armenian, Russian and other languages in small proportion. Georgia is a member nation of following International Organizations

List of Universities in Georgia

Georgia has many universities to provide higher education in varied study disciplines like arts, computer science, engineering, medicine, mathematics etc. There are two types of Universities in Georgia: State Universities and Private Universities. For the benefit of students interested to Go Georgia for Higher education I have gathered here List of Universities in Georgia.