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How much your time worth

So you are in college and looking for part time job? Great, you are awesome. Whether you are high school graduate, a collegiate or just unemployed and looking to grab an opportunity DO NOT PANIC. Many suffer with Job Search Syndrome. I double up as blogger and freelance digital content producer. Also at times I get panicked. A decision taken in hurry or when we feel like to grab anything costs us dearly. We pay in terms of time and health.

I often look for job postings and used to contact many companies and professionals on day to day basis. Facebook is very vast ground for meeting to people, connecting to wannabe entrepreneurs and seeking work. In my personal opinions, a vast percentage of employer who post on Facebook Job Boards look to hire talent for very cheap prices.

However, I noticed, there are also Facecrooks who want to hire talent nearly for free. These are the breed of so called job givers who won't do anything remarkable in own life other than day dreaming of Holidaying in Hawaii. BEWARE OF SUCH JOB ADVERTISEMENTS.

If you are the one who belongs to a rich daddy / rich mamma, this article is not for you, but perhaps, you can suggest your friends To Know The Worth Of Time Before Accepting A Job Offer.

Why This Article Is Here

Because guiding youths is a social moral responsibility. If I post jobs here, my responsibility also includes to suggest you DO's Don't. Isn't it?

Just I added someone to my facebook as the person advertised a job.

Upon pinging reply came as 'this is job for college students". Pay is very less.

I got curious, how much less?

Pat came the reply INR 2K.

Well, not a bad amount as pocket money.

So what you want for the worth 2K?

Answer came as a shock to me: Writing simple news 60 posts per month.

I told the person, please do not kill time of college students. Let them study.

During my full time student year, I was too much needy, I struggled a lot. Technology was not this rich in India some 15-20 years back from now.

But you the ZEN Z are technology rich. You are smarter than us. Take the smart decisions.

Money is like opium when you are in college specially if you work to make extra money.

Do not work for extra money, you will make a mess of someones' company.

But if you are needy, like I was, ask yourself following questions before taking one such job.

  1. How much time this work shall take?
  2. What are the better tasks I can do instead of accepting this job offer?
  3. What purpose this money serve to me? Whether this will make life easier for me or of my parents / guardians.

Generally, when you accept work on meager wages it does not serve to any purpose but the learning does. Value your time. Have patience. Apply for more jobs, set your limits, tell your would be employer, how much your time worth?

Remember, every single mark that you obtain in college shall make a huge difference to your career.

If you know the value of your time, nobody can exploit you.

I understand, perhaps you need money for tuition fees, hostel expenses or clothes. But accepting a work on meager wages means you are not harming yourself alone, but you are giving an opportunity to a person who will hire your juniors next year for lesser prices.

Estimate your time cost.

I don't want you to struggle the way I did. So, also you would not. By valuing your time, you will not only raise money towards next semester expenses but also pave the way for your juniors.

Dear Facecrooks, College Students Are NOT Free. They have much much important task to do instead of burning mid night oil for your company. PERIOD!!! 

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