Safety Tips While Staying Abroad

You are precious than anything else in this world. Inevitable may happen to anyone but by taking small precautions you can do away with those or minimizes the chances of unwanted events. I stay away from my family in India, I live on rent, when moving to a new location first thing I check for if place is safe for a local expat like me or not. This is habit. I am taught since childhood that way. If you belongs to my league, good; if not then perhaps this article will be of help to you. Here we go!!!

Why MBA from UK is worth doing

Are you looking to join an MBA school abroad? Then MBA from one of the UK’s business schools is worth having. There are many benefits that you get while studying MBA in UK. I did the round of many internet databases to extract best possible information that can help you in your MBA pursuit.

Linux Anniversary Offer! Linux elearning courses for only $399

Recently Linux Foundation has celebrated 25th anniversary of Linux. To mark the occasion Linux Foundation is offering all elearning courses for very cheap price of $399 Only. Offer will close on 6 September. Linux Foundation Training Division Offer following 4 courses through elearning and provides certification.