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Oliveboard: Your Pathway to Clear Government Exams in the First Attempt

One of the most lucrative and satisfying and respectful jobs that a man can get is a government job. Be it the state government or the central government. A job in the government and being an employee of the government gives you a chance to serve the nation and the people and along with a good pay and job security it gains you massive respect. With a population of over a billion in India and government job vacancies being as little as a lakh it has become increasingly difficult to get a job with the government.  This is because the competitive exams for the jobs need a good amount of preparation and loads of knowledge about the current affairs.

How to go from noob to employable Android Developer

Are you a noob?

Well, best of the software experts in the industry today were a noob sometimes back. They are experts today because they learn it the hard way. They have faced hurdles and failures but never taken a back step. Next is your turn and you can do it. You can get that dream job of Android Developer if you are ready to learn, experiment and relearn. If you are looking for a job as Android Developer but still not succeed you are not alone. According to a survey conducted by Aspiring Minds, 95% computer science graduates are not fit for software developer jobs (Source:
For obvious reasons you want to be listed among rest of the 5%. Here, in this article, I am going to tell you ‘how to go from a noob to employable Android Developer?’

1.    Learn English
Majority of computer programmes are written in English.  To understand how a programme works …

Work Experience Options

When I started searching for job, the first question thrown on me was, ‘do you have any work experience’, heck, how may I have prior experience when I am fresher and looking for my first job. I was na├»ve, nobody was there guide me, and I was never aware, whatever small jobs I did in the past may count towards my work experience. So you do not stuck in a similar situations I am going to tell you here some work experience options hope you will find helpful.

List of careers in India and the world

Your career is a major decisive factor of what you will do in life, how you will raise kids, the way you will contribute to social changes. To become a Miss X or Mr. Y need determination, hard work and willingness to keep moving. Any big persona that you know, any big thing that has happened in this world always started smaller. Man have the potential to make small things bigger. Evry human is important and hence his or career.
As soon a child take birth parents start talking what he / she could become in life.
In general, we know only career areas those we hear or experience often. However, there are many career areas that most of the parents do not know or never heard of so as the students. For the benefits of youngsters looking to pursue education and seeking job I did the rounds of Internet libraries and gather this list of distinct careers.
Here we go>>>>>

6 tips to write Miller Analogies Test

The Miller Analogies Test is held for both,  graduate school admissions in the United States and entrance to high I.Q.. Miller Analogic Test is a standard and high-level test which is based on verbal and computer as other 3graduate school admissions exams such as the GRE. There are 120 questions comes in this exam and out of 120 questions, 100 of them will count towards the final score and the other 20 are experimental.  Now we are going to discuss how to prepare for Miller Analogy Test.Preparation tips for Miller Analogy Test(MAT)
1.Make a time schedule after getting the exam date – Make sure you have time to study when you are preparing for this exam. Don’t waste your time in other things, and focus on your study. Make a time schedule and at least give enough time to the preparation. If you start the preparation very early, the result is you may very well lose interest and motivation and will not focus. 2.Select the study Material or MAT books – Select the few comprehensive MAT prep…