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Excavation Facts about Indus Valley Civilization

Various locations where excavators found proofs regarding Indus Valley Civilization are listed below-

Site- Harappa
River- Ravi
District- Montgomery
State / Province- Punjab
Country- Pakistan
Excavators- Daya Ram Sahni (1921); Madho Swroop Vatsa (1926); Wheeler (1946)

Site- Mohenjodaro (Nakhlistan or Oasis of Sindh)
District- Larkana
State / Province- Sindh
Country- Pakistan
Excavators- Rakhal Das Bannerjee (1922); Mackay (1927); Wheeler (1930)

Site- Chanhudaro
District- Nawabshah
State / Province- Sindh
Country- Pakistan
Excavators- Mackay (1925); N.G. Mazumdar (1931)

Site- Lothal
River- Bhagava
District- Katiiyawar
State / Province- Gujarat
Country- India
Excavators – S.R. Rao (1954)

Site- Klibanga
River- Ghaggar
District- Hanumangarh
State / Province Rajashthan
Country- India
Excavators- Amalanand Ghosh (1951); B>B. Lal and B.K. Thapar (1961)

Site- Banawali
River- Ghaggar
District- Hissar
State / Provinc Haryana
Country- India
Excavators – J.P. Joshi (1967 - 68)

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