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Minerals and Their Function in Human Body

Calcium  >>>   Builds bones and teeth, muscle contraction, heart action, nerve impulses, blood clotting
Magnesium  >>>   Bones, liver, muscles, transfer of intercellular water, alkaline balance, neuromuscular activity
Sodium  >>>   Electrolyte balance, body fluid volume, nerve impulse condition

Potassium  >>>   Cell membrane potential, nerve impulse conduction, heart rhythm, acid base balance
Copper   >>>  Hemoglobin formation, production of RNA, elastic tissue formation, cholesterol utilization, oxidase enzyme activator
Zinc   >>>  Protein synthesis, carbon dioxide transport, sexual function, insulin storage, carbohydrate metabolism, wound healing
Iron  >>>   Hemoglobin formation, electron transport, oxygen transport, enzyme activator
Manganese  >>>   Carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, connective tissue, joint fluid production, nerve tissue, Vitamin B1 utilization
Chromium >>>    Glucose utilization, insulin activity, heart muscle, cholesterol utilization
Phosphorus  >>>   Builds bones and teeth, energy production, acid-base balance, necessary in metabolism and cell membranes, calcium absorption
Molybdenum >>>    Enzyme activator, uric acid formation, oxidative enzymes
Selenium  >>>   Peroxidase scavenger, glutathione peroxidase, anti-carcinogenic, Vitamin F synergist
Silicon  >>>   Bone formation, collagen formation, cartilage formation, elastic tissue
Boron  >>>   Reduces calcium loss
Vanadium   >>>  Strength of bones and teeth, lowers blood lipids, inhibits cholesterol synthesis
Tin  >>>   Growth, protein synthesis
Nickel  >>>   Activates some liver enzymes


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