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Some Amazing Plant’s Facts

  • Venus-fy-trap, pitcher plant, bladder wort etc are insect eating plants, they derive thier nitrogen from them.
  • In California's Wheeler Park, there is a Bristlecone pine tree with an estimated age of 5,000 years.
  • An american coast red wood reaches a height of 110 m.
  • Bamboo is not a tree but a grass. It grows amazingly fast, at the rate of three feet a day.
  • The sunflower always turns towards sunlight.
  • Coffee was discovered by goats.
  • The flower of artillery plant measures only 0.35 mm in diameter. It is the smallest ever known flower.
  • The flower of Rafflesia measures 90 cm in diameter and is the largest known flower.
  • Boxwood is so heavy that it does not float on water but sinks.
  • Seaweed is used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, medicines, paint, toothpaste and in icecreams too.
  • The oldest known living seed came from a North American Arctic Lupin. It was found in 1954, buried in frozen silt near Miller Greek in central Yukon-Canada, by a mining engineer named Schmidt. It had been there for 10,000 years. Yet, when scientist planted it, a plant grew which was identical to the modern plant.
  • The greatest depth at which plant life has been found is 884 feet.
  • There are about 252 varities of potato grown in the world.
  • Coniferous forests of the Northern Russia are the largest in the world.
  • Edible mushrooms grow to their full size within seven days.
  • Tree trunk of the baobab tree in Kenya is so long that some people make their homes with the hollowed out trunks.
  • A cactus plant, only three feet tall may have roots spreading out to a lenght of ten feet across the desert.
  • Orchid seeds are so small that one million of these would weigh somewhat less than 1 gm.
  • Plants produce oxygen in day time which is ten times more than the carbon dioxide produced at night.


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