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Get a degree in Sports Sciences from University of Delhi

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) University of Delhi (DU)

Are you a champion of sports and games? Is risk taking seems adventurous to you? Do you like stay in shape? Or do you like to conquer the high peaks?
If answer to all above is in affirmative University of Delhi offers teacher training courses in physical education at various levels.

If you are an sports buff, purse a career in sports sciences. The Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Edcation and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) offers M.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., (P.E.H.E. & Sports) and Research programs leading to the award of PhD. The institute comes under the Inter-Disciplinary & Applied Sciences, University of Delhi. Course details are given below
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Health Education & Sports: B.Sc. (P.E.,H.E. & S.)-Six Semesters {Three Years} Degree Course after 10+2.
  • Bachelor of Physical Education: B.P.Ed. Two Semesters {One Year} Teacher Training Course after Graduation.
  • Master of Physical Education: M.P.Ed.-Four Semesters {Two years} Degree Course after B.Sc.(P.E.,H.E. &Sports)/B.P.Ed.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physical Education (2 to 5 years) :
  • Applications  for  admission  to  Ph.D.  Programme  in  the  Department  of  Physical  Education  & Sports Sciences  (University of  Delhi)  are  being  considered  twice  in  a  year  i.e.  in  July  and December.  For further  details,  please  contact  the  office  of  the  Head  of  the  Department  of Physical Education & Sports Sciences.

 Selection Procedure

The IGIPESS select candidates for admission into Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes based on the performance in Written Test, Physical Fitness and Interview.

For more details log on to

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Edcation and Sports Sciences
B - Block Vikas Puri, New Delhi - 18

Courses On Offer- M.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., (P.E.H.E. & Sports)

Sale of Application Form
Opening Date: 9th May 2007
Closing Date: 1 June 2007

Fees: Rs. 100 at Counter if by post DD of amount 135 should be
drawn in favor of The Principle, IGIPESS Payble at New Delhi

Phone: 011-25593497
Fax: 011-25549003

An stem is missing in STEM

Yes, Dear Friends, you heard right. According to a research conducted by Institute for Women's and Policy Research (IWPR), participation of females in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is still significantly low. They are underrepresented in Career and Technical Education (CTE), specially in the areas which are male dominated since ages. The IWPR is a research institute based in Washington DC, United States; the institute was founded in 1987 for conducting research on women issues to take care for the needs of women and encourages people to promote female participation in all walks of life.

The IWPR is one of the leading think tank in United States which works around women issues. Though conditions varies and some US States are better than others. The finding raises my eyebrows on thought of, if this is the real condition of women in United States of America, a developed nation then how much pathetic it could be imagined for developing nations in Asia, Africa and other geographies.

The research findings of IWPR (Education Data Shows Gender Gap in Career Preparation) can be downloaded from official website; click here to download.

Women are integral part of our society; roughly it can be said they makes significant half of the world's human population. Despite they have shown tremendous courage in all walks of life; the world history is witness to it, what is wrong behind social thinking that we push male ahead and our other significant counterparts are pushed behind in the race. Despite we claim that we are socially civilized, we are able to fly a flag on mars, we have won over diseases like cancer, where we are lacking and why we are shying in asking equal participation of our female members of society.

I have personally nothing against any male and female member of any community, i have equal sympathies with everyone who maters to me and who not. This article weblog is for publishing career articles and i personally feel such findings are relevant to this website to encourage the people to put female members in same race track where males are asked to run.

Our society needs expertise, in fact best expertise in all fields, be it science, engineering, cookery, teaching, defence, health care or any other walk of life. Though government in India has many programs to encourage and help women but all such programs are not going to help in real terms till women / female child will not be given same treatment at our homes as we gave to male child.

In most of the social settings there exists dual norms, gender based when it matters to education specially and this is true, biter truth in fact with America also. However, we must need to understand the fact that best brains performs better jobs and not genders. We need to send our girls in same school where our boys goes. We need to send our girls in same sports club where our boys practice, and we need to take care for our female innocents till adolescents in same way as we care for our male child. So that our girls may compete with their male counterparts on similar platform and world may become more beautiful to live, love and laugh! We need stronger stems...  

List of Exam Result Websites

Often I see fake news across Internet, from headline it looks like results are declared but in actual manner end of the story says its expected. Today, massive content is created every minute. In the race of TRP which content is true and which is false is hard to discover. For the benefit of readers of this blog, here I have collected web links of some result websites. If you know a result website not added here please submit the same using comment form below. And when looking for a result keep this page in your bookmarks.






Jharkhand – Academic Council










Tamil Nadu




Staff Selection Commission



Indraprastha University

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