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Showing posts from December 29, 2015

How To Revise For Board Exams In Two Months Time

March is the time in India when teens write Class 12th and Class 10th examination with whole lot of expectations. Every eyes in the school campus say, few more days and I will be free bird, I will get to a new campus, my time is coming to enjoy college life and perhaps I will locate to a new city. Some students have fixed target to get into Engineering Physics, or become an astronaut and some other has in target to join a particular college in any study stream. Everyone has some expectation from the self to achieve, may be; certain percentage or grade point in board exam and then set for a new career.

How To Use Twitter For #JobSearch

Twitter for job search caught my attention every now and then. While working for an Ireland Based Recruiter, I did rounds of many social media and dig deeper to find whether employer use it for hiring and if job seekers can get some benefit out of social media like Twitter.

From my experiences, for sure I can say, Hiring Managers and CEOs turn to twitter looking for potential workforce. Very recently, Elon Musk took it to Twitter while looking for hiring for Tesla Motors! Proof enough, 180 characters are not any less to give a shout out while looking for hiring or get hired.