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20 Source Code Hosting Facilities for Computer Science Students

Are you computer student looking for Internship, Job or Placement.Or you want to write code for fun? Hiring managers want to peep inside your codes before truly setting date and time for Interview with you. The way you write codes matters to your new employer. Being a computer science students, for you its mandatory requirement to send link of your codes along with CV to hiring managers. Also you must mention your code project links on LinkedIn Portfolio, and other Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. The code hosting facilities mentioned here are used by computer science students, contract workers and IT companies across the world. Of these some of absolutely free, but some offer free service for limited time only then ask for payment.

5 Social Media Every Job Seeker Must Sign Up

Who cares for Social Media suggestions when I am already there? Perhaps, you will think, this guy is crazy, writing in the ages of Smartphones to Join Social Media. You are right in your say, say for a moment. What I mean is, be organized and exploit social media up to fullest. Being on Social Media gives no Job guarantee, but avoiding it or not building your social profile is a big mistake. Personally, I do not like social media, because it's time taking, may be, also poses some security risks. But in the absence of  a Solid alternate, I need to be there. Every guy and girl next door is on Social Media doing chit chatting. You are already inside 10s or may be tons of those. Organize following 5 Social Media profiles to get a job favor.

1. Facebook: This name comes in mind first, at least to me, because letter F comes first at No. 6 among English Alphabets. Also, this is most popular. You, me and people like us made Mark Zuckerberg so successful. Perhaps, in your Facebook, you already have loads of friends. Organize your Facebook profile so people know your skills in much better ways. May be some may help you in getting an Interview call.