How to become a Database Administrator

Database Administrator also know as Dbase Admin / Dbase Administrator or Database Admin.
Computer Database is growing on minute to minute basis. Million Zillions of instructions are given to computers to run our day day life smoothly. Household, Education, Computers, Small Business, Or Mission Mars name anything and it associates to a databases. Life now revolves around Computers. And to handle all such data requires Database Administrators.
The way Computers and Information Technology is penetrating every sphere of life starting from Washrooms to Bedrooms, looks like Database will keep swelling at a rapid pace and so the need for eligible Human Resources as Database Administrators. Database administrators work with team of computer programmers and analysts.

Educational Qualification: The job is related with Computers and Information Technology but anyone who require sufficient skills may apply for a Job as Database Administrator. Companies prefer computer science graduates over other for this job. However, certification in handling databases for example Oracle Certification for Oracle Database Administrator is also accepted.
Work Type: Database Administrator need to handle data between computers, this is a desk job, normally full time. Work from home optins are not available or very limited.

Skills Required: The various skills required to become Database Administrator are

Understanding of English
Understanding of Database parameters
Understanding of admin rights and user rights
Proficiency in testing and error correction
Knowledge of coding languages
Good communication skills
Proficiency in data modification and Database optimization
Proficiency in different types of Databases

Training: Normally companies provides own training to suitable candidates. Depending on a company size the training program may run for couple of weeks or over a month. Whether you are already trained in a type of database or not, for doing job you may need to undergo training as different companies has different types of Database Environment.

Popular Courses in Database Administration
You might be interested in learning one of the following types of Database System

SQL, MySQL, Database Management, Oracle, SQL Oracle Certification,  SQL Server, Elasticsearch Microsoft SQL, Pl/SQL

Career Path
You can begin as trainee and further move to as high as CEO as a Database Administrator. The career path of a Database professional looks somewhat as below

Head of Company/CEO


Domain Lead/ Offering Lead


Delivery Lead/Data Base Administration Manager


Team Leader


Senior Data Base Administrator


Data Base Administrator



Earning Potential of Dbase Admin
The average salary of a Database Administrator in India is Rs 35000 to Rs. 40000 per month. Lots depend on what type of Database you are handling, the company type, the city you are staying in and core competencies. Jobs in government departments are also offered and salaries are paid according to government norms.

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