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Facebook show job ads to young people only

If you are a mid level executive and someone looking for a job change or someone looking for a job inside inside facebook, perhaps you are doing it wrong. Facebook shows paid job postings to only young people. famous social networking and tech news website reported, according to ProPublica and New York Times reports that large corporations like Amazon, Target, Goldman Sachs and Facebook target paid job ads so as only to show to younger people only. However, many people feel that there should be no age based biasing while hiring. There are also petitions filled court on matters related Age based discrimination in hiring For complete story go here I am using facebook for many years for the purpose of link sharing but never spotted a single job ad from advertisers inside facebook.

Earn Internship At Facebook Summer Academy

The, world’s largest network for connecting to people, make friends group and even do business invites applications towards 2016 Facebook Summer Academy. As part of the program the candidates will get to learn ‘how facebook works’, the technology, the human resources, the logistics and a lot more. The Sophomores in High School during Academic Session 2015-16 and Full-Residents of East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, Redwood City, or San Francisco are eligible to apply. Students from San Francisco must come from Mission High School or John O’Connell High School.

Stephen Hawking speaks on Facebook; Congratulations Mark Zuckerberg!

The Stephen Hawking, noted Theoretical Physicist joined Facebook today. Within no time during the time of writing this article his page has 1,151,476 likes. I think record number of likes in shortest time period, not sure. Hope Facebook will release something in future or someone else will dissect this aspect. Time vs Hawking Liking :) Welcome Sir, thank you to come in open, and meet people. And Congratulations Mark Zuckerberg and Company.

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