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Top 5 ways to get Railway Job Alerts instantly

Indian Railways are good to work with. Central government salary, free accommodation, free railway pass to travel, free healthcare for self and dependent, education help for children, good chance to travel on duty and see places and of course a satisfied retired life. Indian Railways is a complete system in itself. Jobs are offered starting from very lower grade where qualification is class 5 pass or uneducated to as high as degree, PG degree or research. Filling timely application is a challenge. So you get informed timely about a Job in railway here are 5 methods 1. Subscribe to Google News; use keyword Railway Jobs, Railway Recruitment, and chose for notify me as it happen. Now as soon as Google find a news related a Job in Railways, it will send you notification. You can read and delete or save to read it later.


What is Ecology? Ecology is the study of the distribution and abundance of organisms, the interaction between organisms, the interaction between organisms and their environment, and structure and function of ecosystems.

Atomic Structure

Atom - The name atom originated from the Greek Word atomos, meaning "indivisible" or uncuttable, or indivisible, something that cannot be divided further. Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. The atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons. The atomic nucleus contains a mix of positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons.

Introduction to Chemistry

Chemistry is the systematic study of composition of matter and also the chemical and physical properties related to different material objects. Lavoisier (1743-1793), a French Chemist is regarded as the Father of Modern Chemistry.

Genetics and Genetics Terminology

•    Genetics is the science of hereditary and variations in living organisms. •    Gregor John Mendel is known as the Father of Genetics. •    His findings of Genetics are called Mendel’s Law. •    Mendel summarized his findings in two laws: the Law of Segregation and the Law of Independent Assortment.

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