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Philosophy as a study discipline

The question, what is philosophy is difficult to answer. Even philosophers (the people who study philosophy) not agree upon a single answer or view. However, philosopher agrees on, the word Philosophy is originated from Greek, which means “Love of Wisdom”, and so do we.  Philosophy is defined by a goal and a method. Unlike other fields of study where a particular subject is studied about particular things philosophy questions the credentials, the authority of how it all fits together. Philosophy is a bridge between body and mind; it’s for curious minds those who want to establish interrelations between two odd areas of study. 

Performing Arts as a study discipline

The various forms of arts, viz; dance, drama, music, etc, plays on stage in front of audience, are called performing arts. In performing arts, people use own body to present some sense in front of the audience. Performing arts comprise the dance, music, opera, theater, and circus etc. The people who perform these arts are called Artists or Performers. Professionals like actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers come under the profession of performing arts and in broader terms called Artists. Professionals in the related field like songwriter, and stagecraft etc supports the performing arts. Performers repeatedly adjust their appearance, for instance with costumes and stage makeup, etc.

Painting as a study discipline

Painting as traditional art form has existed among us since centuries. When man was a cave animal there were paintings of Lascaux and now when man lives in multistoried buildings paintings of Da Vinci makes their presence in dining hall, auditoriums and art galleries. In fact painting is the earliest known art form. In the ancient past there were born painters who learnt the art of painting on their own, now with the development in human societies painting schools are formed to teach budding painters. Schools and colleges also provide classes in painting. Education in painting is available on both full time and part time basis. Mural painting and fresco find place in classical societies.

History as study discipline

History is a branch of knowledge in which we study about events that taken place in the past. The word ‘History’ comes from Greek Word Historia meaning inquiry i.e. the knowledge gained from investigations. Aristotle used the word in his Peri Ta Zoa Istória ~ in Latin – Historia Animalium. The term is devised from hístōr means wise man, witness, or judge. In late 16th Century Francis Bacon used the term when he wrote “Natural History”. In words of  Francis Bacon historia was "the knowledge of objects determined by space and time". In 1390 the word “History” meaning "relation of incidents, story" find the place in English Language. In Middle English the meaning of “History” was “story”.  The adjective “historical’ taken into practice in 1661 and “historic” in 1669.

Graphics as study discipline

Also called Graphic Arts. The visual appearances on a given surface for example wall, canvas, stone, paper or computer screen to inform, illustrate, entertain or brand is called Graphics. Some of the examples of Graphics are drawings, Line Art, symbols, numbers, geometric design, diagrams, typography, maps, engineering drawing, or a google map etc. In general, graphic is produced from illustration, color and text. Graphic design may comprises conscious assortment, formation, or understanding of typography alone, as in a brochure, flier, poster, web site, or book without any other element.

Geography as study discipline

The word Geography is derived from Latin word Geographia, which means to describe the earth’s surface. Geography is the systematic study of the depiction, circulation, and interface of the miscellaneous physical, biological, and cultural features of the earth's surface. There are numerous definitions of Geography. Most learners thinks, Geography is about memorizing, locations of different places, states, countries, mountains, and rivers etc on earth. In fact geography is much much more than this.

Economics as a study discipline

Economics is a social science concerned chiefly with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Says Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.  

Economics is a social sciences it’s the study of methodologies people uses to select resources. Been written and studied since centuries huge number of books are available today for study of economics. Let’s see definition of economics from some world-class authors; do not confuse authors with the Karl marks who is the synonymous to economics in the same fashion as Alfred Nobel is to Chemistry. Here goes what different author says about this social science-

Commercial Art as a study discipline

The term Commercial Art refers to art forms developed for commercial uses mainly advertising. It’s the sub fields of creative services. A person who studies commercial art is called commercial artist.  To be a successful commercial artist requires ability to organize information, knowledge of fine arts, visualization, and originality, knowledge of media, and excellent communication skills. In industrial settings the art department is small in volume usually a director, sometimes an assistant director, a small design staff and product workers.  Since commercial artist works with different sorts of people they require being flexible, resourceful, and able to gel with the people.

Archaeology as a study discipline

Archeology has got many numbers of definitions in past 150 years or so. The variance in definitions from different times indicates about the history of archeology and how it has changed with the passage of time, involving much with human behaviors and gradually becoming a science. Many of the definitions indicate how people observe and what they feel about Archaeology. In the words of Graham Clarke, "Archaeology seeks to discover how we became human beings endowed with minds and souls before we had learned to write."  People who study Archaeology are called Archaeologists. An Archaeologist studies the history by using artifacts to find out evidences to ancient civilizations and mysteries.

Anthropology as a study discipline

What is Anthropology? What colleges / universities teaches in Anthropology as a subject. Here is an overview.

Anthropology is the organized study of social values and culture. In Anthropology we study language, beliefs, kinships, economic mechanisms, tools and techniques, traditions, values, social institutions, cravings for beauty and art, efforts for status. Anthropology defines impact of humans on humans, it emphasizes on human characteristics brought by humans themselves. Physical Anthropology is an exception to this; under Physical Anthropology discipline we study anatomy and biology – race, gender, adaptation. Physical Anthropology describes physical developments of humans over the centuries.

Fashion Technology Colleges in India

Young minds, passionate about making career in fashion technology often have a question, where should I study, which city, which college, home country or overseas. To help readers of this blog I have gathered here details about Fashion Technology Colleges in India.

Career in Fashion Technology

Technology is not just about newest and most advanced gadgets. This can also be about fashion. Moreover, fashion is not just about make-up and hairdo; this is actually a means of creating charisma to look good in any outfit that you wear. Fashion technology could also mean an ideal door which opens a very promising and bright future for students and all other individuals who wanted to pursue a career on this field.

How to get a job in UAE- Things you should know

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) located along the coast of Persian Gulf  is one of the wealthiest countries in the Gulf.  Since past 2 decades, the country has seen a rapid development in terms of commercial and residential growth. From business point of view, it ranks top in Gulf country. Apart from being the oil rich country, other sectors of business has seen a steep rise which is positively contributing to the GDP. For those who are looking for jobs in UAE, it is promises to be the right job destination to go for. In the recent years, country like India and other Asian countries have been doing business trade with UAE giving huge opportunity for expats to visit Emirates for lucrative job openings.

6 Websites To Ask Career Questions and Get Answers

Everybody need a counselor at some point of time in life. In fact, irrespective of how influential a person is he / she need counseling at every new step. The requirement of a counselor arises even before a child take birth, parenting counseling, admission counseling, job counseling, financial counseling, business counseling, health counseling, study abroad counseling, retirement counseling, virtually the list is endless.

7 Hiring Trends To Watch For In 2015

Digital Marketing is already on the boom; without doubt, the trend shall be continuous in 2015 and even beyond. Recruiting managers use Staffing and employment solutions to catch efficient people for work and find companies looking for hire. Even most of hiring process runs on Internet before a job seeker and interviewer see each other in person. The IT Jobs will be hotter in 2015. Here are Top 7 Recruiting Trends for 2015 that we expect will be on the rise throughout the year.

1. IT Cloud Will Grow Bigger

Cloud Computing is in nascent phase yet. 2015 will be the year when more and more companies will shift to cloud, may be partially or fully. As we know working on cloud makes data distribution and delivery several times easier. To handle data on cloud and its distribution industry needs efficient human resources. A sure win-win situation for Cloud Experts, Fresh Engineering Graduates and off course IT recruiters.

List of Professions

Life revolves around good living. Everyone strives to live good. The teaches, academicians, parents and guardians encourages children and youth to learn something good and find a job which can pay them better pay packages. Normally after finishing 3 / 4 college years many search for jobs but found themselves stuck between limited choices often times in the lack of information or a trained professional guide. To address the issue I have compiled here List of Professions. This list is not exclusive. Many more professions can be added. If you know a profession but not listed here please add your listing via comment box below this post or send me a direct email. I promise to add the same and give you due credits for your efforts in this space. Further, I am planning to compile eligibility criteria, educational qualification etc related to each profession listed here which is not a limited task so just in case if someone wish to volunteer is welcome!