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India Economic Survey 2017-18

How India Economy is doing? How was growth in past years and how it would be in coming years.  Government of India prepares growth data and present it on year to year basis normally before annual  budget.
Economic Survey 2017-18 is tabled is out.  Read here full text of India Economic Survey 2017-18 useful for preparation of competitive examination like Civil Services,  Banking,  Railways SSC etc.

How to get job in a dream company without a degree from a top school

Everyone is not fortunate enough to get schooled from a top school in the world. Any big company that you dreamt of hire from well known schools. When a candidate not get admission in a top school he / she decides to settle for the less. Looking for a job that give you livelihood is not a bad idea but giving up is truly bad. You need to explore other ways to get job in your dream company without a degree from top school or no degree at all. You can do with generous efforts.  Here are ways to get your dream job.
1. Every big company has a hiring page on its website. They know talent is everywhere.  If you have real talent they will like to hire you.
2. Check for open positions in your area of interests.  Know what they look for in a candidate for the said position.
3. May you have some skills but not all,  right.
4. Find a training program to learn those skills.
5. Polish your skills by options for internship in any company that can offer you similar portfolio or where your skills…

Why students should follow thought leaders on twitter

Twitter is big, in fact truly big. Experts, industry leaders,  inventors,  inventors,  investors connects on Twitter. The people of such profile like to talk precisely.  They do not create u wanted noise.  They speak limited but their words holds huge value.
Twitter is true social media, here you need to say it in few words.  You have limited space to broadcast your words. Incidentally thought leaders speak in limited words.
Creating Twitter profile is super easy.  You don't need to reveal everything in profile section. It has limited but enough space to show who you are.
With whatsoever school you are associated, chances are it have own twitter handle.  Follow it, your teachers and other fellow students. 
Next search for your interests in Twitter,  for example,  photography,  software engineering or whatever you want to.
You will get a Hashtag of your intent in Twitter.  Take it in your favorite.
Now scan through the Hashtag and find who are tweeting around that.
According t…

Ways to know your prospective employer from interview session

OK,  so you have applied for a job.  Are you looking for a prospective employer???
A prospective employer is one who can give you sustainable income. Right???
I beg to differ.  In my opinion,  a prospective employer is one who can give you ways of living money is significant part of it,  but other parts equally important like work satisfaction,  growth prospects,  social security and acceptance of work experience in the industry.
Here are signs if you are meeting a prospective employer or just an useless person who knew nothing,  has no values.
1. He didn't listen your answers.
2. His staff boasts a lot for example secretary.
3. Like father like son.  He boasts a lot being hollow bag.
4. He is very much keen about giving it to society.  Pleas mind,  you are here for interview and not to listen how much big heart he has,  right???
5. He want to know your techniques.
6. He repeatedly says,  he do not work for money.
If you find these signs, for sure,  do not accept job offe…

How to plan for correspondence bachelor degree course when working a full time job

Are you working full time but looking to earn a bachelor degree? A correspondence course might be the answer for you. 
Enrollment in a correspondence course is pretty easy,  online course is also an option. However,  failure rate is very high in correspondence courses and online degree programs in India.
Often candidates join a course but either complete in very long time or leave the course midway.
Excuses can be any and many; I don't have enough time,  my job takes many hours,  my partner is more demanding,  my examiner give very less marks for answers,  you can put the blame on any for your failures.
Planning is important while trying to achieve anything so does your degree program.
Here is how to plan for a degree while working full time
1. For how many hours you are truly free after job hours? If you are not sure make a schedule and note down your free time. Observe your free time average versus work days.  You will get an average how many hours you can truly devote for …

Let's promise to finish gender divide this Republic Day

26 January is a big festival.  When India celebrates world watches.  Rajpath in New Delhi welcomes guests in style.  Army,  Navy,  Indian Force shows its strength.  Children sing National Anthem.  VIP,  VVIPs and public gathers in the lawns of India Gate for the party. Police forces has loads of security arrangements to do. 26 Jan is national holiday,  eyes are glued on television and youtube.  Media gets hot news for TRP. And all this ends in few hours often listening heroic stories.
The big question is,  is this national event so small.  Why every year message end o  the same note? Why we not give a message of change to our children?
Children are the torch bearer.  They become doctor because we tell them they can earn money from this profession. Children become parents because we tell them raising kids is important for life. Children become politician because we tell them politicians are powerful. The list is endless.
What we ask for our children do when we convey a positive mess…

13 tips to survive job recession

You lost your job?  Congrats!!!
If you will die because of job loss I will come with flowers on your funeral.  You love scents of flowers.  Sadly you won't be alive to feel the aroma.  But guests at your funeral will enjoy its fragrance.  Blame our nostrils,  we will be sad in your absence but your dead body won't give any hope so we will burry it and embrace the flowers.  Fragrance is alive it gives hope.
No body ever die because of job loss so you also not.
Accirding to latest media news 50000 telecome sector employees in India may loss job and next could be you.
After losing a job negative thoughts are obvious but you should be life ready and only job ready.  If you loss your job embrace it and move on with a smile.  Rebegin,  rebuild,  restart. Here are few tips to survive a job loss1. Learn New Skills
See market trends what sells there.  Learn those skills.  It's not must that you will get new job in the same sector from where you lost. 2. Start a small business

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Are you looking for Job in IT Support? Are you job ready? Perhaps you are or may be or may be not. But companies look for seal, your skills are under utilized without a seal. In my opinion university degree is not important to everyone, if university degree so costly why to earn it.

State Bank of India Recruitment 2018

The State Bank of India (SBI) announces recruitment of Human Capital in following positions

Manager Credit Analyst CAG
No. of Posts- 12

Chief Manager Credit Analyst CAG
No. of Posts-6

Manager Credit Analyst MCG
No. of Posts-  16

Chief Manager Credit Analyst MCG
No. of Posts-24

Manager Asset Management SARG
No. of Posts-  2

Chief Manager Asset Management SARG
No. of Posts-1

Chief Manager Business Development, Marketing and MIS Reporting SMEBU
No. of Posts-  5

Manager Business Development and Marketing SMEBU
No. of Posts-  20

Manager Credit Analyst SMEBU
No. of Posts-5

Manager Credit Analyst IBG
No. of Posts-  2

Chief Manager Relationship and Syndications Management IBG
No. of Posts-1

Manager High Value Agri Business Development ABU
No. of Posts-  4

Chief Manager High Value Agri Business Development ABU
No. of Posts-1
Chief Manager Debit Card DB & NB
No. of Posts-  1

Manager Merchant Acquiring Business DB & NB
No. of Posts-2

Chief Manager Digital Banking DB & NB
No. of Post…

IIM Ahnedabad will introduce Baahubali 2 as a case study

The Buzz in the news media like NDTV, DNA and others is that, Hindi Movie Baahubali 2 has made 100 crore on the very first day of release in the box office. Now the movie will be introduced as a case study in one of the electives of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). The students will learn the power of sequel and a sequel can de-risk the movie as a marketing concept.

Apply Online for NDA & NA Examination I 2018

The Union Public Service Commission has announced Exam Schedule for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy (NDA & NA) Examination I 2018. Here are important dates

Date of Notification: 15 January 2018
Last date for submission of online application 5 February 2018

Apply online for NDA & NA Examination I 2018

Prepare General Knowledge for Competitive Examinations FREE

NBSE HSSLC Exam 2018 Datesheet

The Nagaland Board of Secondary Education released HSSLC Examination 2018 datesheet.  The exams are scheduled from March 5, 2018.  Candidates can download HSSLC Exam 2018 Datesheet from Official Website

NBSE HSLC Exam Datesheet 2018

The High School Leaving Certificate Examination (HSLC) 2018 are scheduled from March 6,  2018. Candidates can download exam schedule from official website

MPBSE Class 12th Exam Datesheet 2018

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) is Administering Authority for Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (HSCE) / Class 12th in the State of Madhya Pradesh (MP).  Students can download MP Board Class 12th Exam Datesheet from Official Website

Download GPAT 2018 Admit Card

The Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test i. e. GPAT 2018 scheduled on 21 January 2018. On the basis of test score candidates shall get admission into pharmacy colleges in post graduate degree program leading to the award of PG Degree in Pharmacy i. e. M. Pharm.
The GPAT is administered by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
Download GPAT 2018 Admit Card from official website

Download CMAT 2018 Admit Card

The All India Council for Technical Education is Administering Authority for CMAT 2018 January test.  Examination is scheduled on January 27 and 28,  2018. Test takers can download the Admit Cars till January 20 from official website
The AICTE CMAT is computer based examination.

Who is Aanchal Thakur and why she made a Twitter Trend

Aanchal Thakur made a Twitter Trend on Wednesday when Prime Minister Office congratulated her. So who is this girl?
She is a resident of Manali,  Himachal Pradesh in India.
She won a bronze medal at the Alpine Ejder 3200 Cup in Turkey
She is 21 year old.
The tournament was organised by International Ski Federation.
Her father Roshan Thakur is the Secretary General,  Winter Games Federation of India (WGFI). Source:

Top 20 Universities in India for Law Education

Wearing black coats is passion,  it brings you name,  honor,  money and growth. Law is taught through universities and colleges in India.  Some of the popular degrees of law profession are LLB and LLM.  India has law schools almost in every district. However different schools have different level of performance I  terms of course delivery,  students performance,  faculty and infrastructure etc.  Everyone wish to purse education from a top notch school.  To help you here top 20 Law schools India1.   Aligarh Muslim University
2.   Allahabad University
3.   Banaras Hindu University
4.   University of Delhi 
5.   Jamia Millia Islamia
6.   National Law University, Delhi
7.   National Law School of India University, Bangalore
8.   National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi
9.   National Law University, Orissa, Cuttack
10. National Law Institute University, Bhopal
11. National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata
12. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow

Who is Indu Malhotra and why in the news headlines

Indu Malhotra is the practicing lawyer of Supreme Court of India. She has the honor of First Female Advocate recommended for appointment as a judge of the highest court. The Supreme Court Collegium chaired by Chief Justice of India (CJI) made this decision. Let's know more about Indu Malhotra
Age: 67
Birth: 1956, Bangalore
Parents: Om Prakash Malhotra (Father), Satya Malhotra (Mother)
School: Carmel Convent, New Delhi
College: Shri Ram College for Women,  New Delhi
Law Degree: Faculty of Law, University of Delhi (DU)
States practicing law: 1983
Stood first in the tough advocate-on-record test: 1988, also became part of the selected group of lawyers who alone can file petition in Supreme Court
Laws on Industrial Disputes
Commentary on the Law and Practice of Arbitration in IndiaSource:

How to revise complete course in one month for CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th Exam

Revision matters for successful academic examination. Exam time revision means no new lessons but re-reading the chapters and topics you prepared already.
As you need to appear in multiple subject exams in CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th, for revisions you need a strategy. To help in preparing better here are tips
1. Revise during most productive hour of the day.  Comfort matters,  some students learn better in morning and some in evening. Know your body clock. Set a time of the day when your brain functions adequate.
2. Do fast reading. Go through the pages of textbook and flip them faster.  Keep sharp eyes on important definitions and formulae.
3. Flip through the class notes.  Perhaps you have well written class notes. Flip through those pages.  The explanatory points in the notes matters a lot for better understanding of subject matter.
4. Take mock test.  Go to the CBSE website Download previous years question papers.  Take them under examination condition…

CBSE Class Class 12th Exam Datesheet 2018

Monday, March 5
001 English Elective-N
101 English Elective-C
301 English Core
Tuesday, March 6
056 Dance-Kathak
057 Dance-Bharatnatyam
059 Dance-Odissi
069 CR Writing TR Study
609 Typography &CA Hin
662 Microbiology (MLT)
668 Dark Room Technique
730 Anatomy and Physio
731 Child Health Nursing
742 Clinical Biochemistry
744 Retail Services
748 Information Storage
749 Fundamentals of TR
756 Introduction to HO
768 Music Aesthetics
776 Garment Constrctn
777 Traditional Indian
784 Salesmanship
787 Electrical Machine
793 Capital Market OPE
Wednesday, March 7
042 Physics
658 Optics
661 Clncl Biochem (MLT)
733 Primary Health Care
753 Front Office Opera
769 Music Production
Thursday, March 8
053 Fashion Studies
604 Office Proc.& Prac.
625 Applied Physics
657 Bio-Opthalmic
663 Fund of Nursing II
666 General Physics
737 Food & Bevarage CO
751 Bakery
762 Basic Horticulture
781 Cost Accounting
800 Security
Friday, March 9
054 Business Studies
765 Floriculture

CBSE Class 10th Exam Datesheet 2018

Monday, March 5
166 Info & Comm. Tech
401 Dynamic of retail
402 Info Technology
403 Security
404 Automobile Tech
405 INTR to FMG
406 INTR to Tourism
407 Beauty & Wellness
408 Introductory Agric
409 Food Production
410 Front Office Opera
411 Banking and Insurance
Tuesday, March 6
002 Hindi Course – A
085 Hindi Course – B
Thursday, March 8
165 Foundation of IT
Saturday, March 10
076 National Cadet Cor
254 Elem Book-K & Accy
354 e-Publish & e-Off
Monday, March 12
101 English Comm.
184 English Lng & Lit
Wednesday, March 14
031 Carnatic Music Voc
032 Car. Music Mel Ins
034 Hind.Music Vocal
035 Hind.Music Mel.Ins
036 Hind Music.Per.Ins
Friday, March 16
086 Science-Theory
090 Science without PR
Monday, March 19
016 Arabic
017 Tibetan
024 Nepali
413 Health Care Servic
Tuesday, March 20
003 Urdu Course-A
004 Punjabi
005 Bengali
006 Tamil
007 Telugu-AP
008 Sindhi
009 Marathi
010 Gujarati
011 Manipuri
012 Malayalam
013 Odia
014 Assamese
015 Kannada
020 German
021 Russian
023 …

Google is hiring human resources for consumer hardware team

Looking to work with Google??? Opportunities are open to work with Google's Consumer Hardware team.  If selected you could be working as researcher,  developer,  programmer or designer with other team members to make machines more human friendly. 
Company is running hiring ad on LinkedIn with beautiful Hashtag #NewYearNewJob
I am pretty sure inside Google are cooking many things and company is planning to bring new devices which should be more human friendly.
Google is hiring for the roles of Electrical Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering,  Manufacturing Engineering,  Software Engineering,  Technical Program Management,  Supply Chain Operations,  Hardware Test Engineering,  and UX Engineering,  Design
For more details go to Google's Hiring Page

Looking for career growth? You can count on AltMBA!

World is full of unsuccessful stories,  everyone has an excuse.  Not able to complete a degree,  not able to stay in a successful relationship,  not able to start a business,  not able to buy that dream house and there is excuse for everything.
But everyone is not a fake, there are people who truly do magic in whatever they do but still unable to achieve that significant threshold in work and life perhaps because of lack of training.
MBA teaches us skills of management but at times what we learn in academia does not necessarily fit in the real world scenario,  for such people who truly want to achieve goals Seth Godin has designed  AltMBA
You can enroll for this 4 week online workshop from anywhere,  get training,  level up and lead.
Anyone can join AltMBA and take leadership lessons.  Course is completely online.

An Introduction To Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is a Government of India Organization for recruitment of human resources in the various government ministries and departments. This organization was founded on 4 November 1975. Earlier its name was Subordinate Service Commission which renamed later on 26 September 1977.

National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur

The Regional Institute of Technology (RIT) Jamshedpur established in 1960 is declared Institute of National Importance in 2002 and renamed as National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jamshedpur.
In the National Institutional Ranking Framework 2017 the NIT Jamshedpur ranked in the 101-150 band among engineering colleges.

Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) , Jaipur

The Malviya National National Institute of Technology, Jaipur also abbreviated MNITJ or MNIT Jaipur is institute national importance declared by MHRD and comes under the purview of NITs act. The institute provides undergraduate and postgraduate education in varied disciplines of scinece, engineering and management.

National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (NITH)

The erstwhile Regional Engineering College (REC) Hamirpur established in 1960 now comes under the NITs Act and renamed by MHRD Government of India as National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (NITH) or NIT Hamirpur. In the Edu-Rand Ranking 2015, the NIT Hamirpur ranked at No 30 among engineering colleges in India.

Combined Medical Services Exmination 2017 Merit List

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) New Delhi has released marks of recommended candidates of Combined Medical Services Examination 2017 in the order of merit. This year total 637 candidates are recommended by UPSC to government. SRIMANTA SUNDAR PADHI is the top ranker of Combined Medical Services Examination 2017.
Wishing you all the best.
Merit List Combined Medical Services Examination 2017

UPSC announces Interview Schedule for Indian Forest Services Examination 2017

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) New Delhi administers Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Examination in three stages, Preliminary, Mains and Interview. The candidates who has declared qualified in the Indian Forest Services Main Examination 2017 shall go for Interview phase. On the basis of performance in the Interview Round and written test the commission will recommend names  of finally selected candidates to the Government of India. See here Interview Schedule Indian Forest Services Examination 2017

JEE Main 2018 Application Form Correction Facility Open

Important Notification for JEE Main 2018 Aspirants

Are you an aspirant of JEE Main 2018? Well, then check your particulars in the JEE Main website if everything is correct in application form. In case of any errors you can correct the same now. The JEE Main 2018 Application Form correction facility shall remain open from January 9 through January 22, 2018.
The particulars in application form is of utmost importance. Same data shall be used during examination, counseling and degree college admission. Once application correction window is closed JEE Main 2018 authority do not entertain any request regarding this. Check here latest JEE main 2018 Press release

Har Gobind Khorana

Science make the man immortal - Words of chemistry lecturer in class Vigyan ki Sabse badi khubi Hai ki vyakti k naam ko Amar Bana deti Hai!!! Har Gobind KhoranaBorn: 9 January 1922, Raipur, Pakistan
Died: 9 November 2011, Concord, Massachusetts, United States
Awards: Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Padma Vibhushan, MORE
Parents: Krishna Devi Khorana, Ganpat Rai
Education: University of Liverpool, University of Cambridge, University of the Punjab
Books: Chemical biologyFor what Har Gobind Khorana is Known??? First to demonstrate the role of nucleotides in protein synthesisFirst to demonstrate Test Tube Baby or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)Awards
Nobel Prize in Medicine (1968)
Gairdner Foundation International Award (1980)
Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize
ForMemRS (1978)
Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research
Padma Vibhushan
Willard Gibbs Award (1974)Happy Birthday Sir, Thank you Google,  you are truly doing a great job through Google Doodle.  For more details go here

How to write a winning essay for college admission

Essay writing services offers perfect essay.  They claim they write perfect.  But are they really perfect?  I doubt.
If blackholes are not really black,  if there exist no perfect absorbers and emitters of energy in the universe,  how come these essay writing services are claims as perfect.  Perhaps they are better,  but there never exist a perfect essay. 
You can make two type of essay,  good essay and better essay.  Of course better wins.
Admisdion essay not only shows your language skills but reflects you worth to college.
Admission officer look for students who are truly interested in a course and who can make a difference to the campus.
An admission essay is also a measure of whether you would be able to complete coursework successfully.
An essay around anything shows your knowledge,  ability of thinking and decision making and your personality.
The subject matter of application essay varies from college to college basis.
Application essays are of unlimited types.  The ad…

Healthy living tips for students

Students living in dorms and paying guest accommodations often get trapped in unhygienic conditions.  This results in huge unseen damage. From my observations I have written some tips.  To read full article go here

Indin Oil Recruitment 2018

The Indian Oil Corporation Limited announces job vacancies for recruitment of 130 personals.
The company is looking for 52 Diploma Holders in Engineering and 46 Higher Secondary Pass candidates in workmen category in the southern region. Also in another advertisement the company has announced recruitment of 32 technical non-executives in pipeline division.

IIT Bombay is going to be more women friendly now

Can we leave half of the world population behind and strive to meet our goals? Even in the ancient cavemen era men's job was to hunt and work for the family whole women's job was to raise the family. Responsibilities were divided so as to manage everything up to perfection. The so called cultured 'man' started divisions among humans; society was given the thought that men are superior and women are inferior. Results of this broken thought we see everyday in various forms that really stings. However, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) has taken an step further in this direction and taken strong initiative to make the IIT Bombay campus more women friendly. To me reported via sources from Times of India.

UGC NET November 2017 Results

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi announced University Grants Commission - National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) for the examination held in November 2017. The examination was held for the eligibility of Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship & Assistant Professor in Indian colleges and universities.


National Institute of Technology, Durgapur

The National Institute of Technology, Durgapur also called NITDGP or NIT Durgapur was established in 1960 for conducting higher technical education and research in the country. Its institute of national importance and comes under the purview of NITs act of MHRD Government of India.

National Institute of Technology, Calicut

The National Institute of Technology Calicut also Known as NIT Calicut or NITC is institute of national importance and responsible for conducting higher and higher technical education. Its location in in Kozhikode, Kerala. In the National Institutional Ranking Framework 2017 the NIT Calicut Ranked 44.

CLAT 2018 Application Window Open Now

Common Law Admission Test CLAT 2018 Online Application Window Open Now. The National University of Advanced Legal Studies Kochi is administering authority for the examination. Following are CLAT 2018 schedule

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

The Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal MANIT Bhopal or MANIT also called NIT Bhopal is institute of national importance and comes under the purview of NITs Act. The institute was originally established in 1960 for conducting higher technical education and research in the country.

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad

The Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College (MNREC), Allahabad was established in 1961 for providing higher technical education and conducting research programs. It has the distinction of being first engineering college in the country to start undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering in 1976-77.

CDS II 2017 Written Results declared

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) New Delhi announced Written Examination Results for Combined Defence Services (CDS) II Examination 2017 today. The examination was held on 19 November 2017. In total 8692 candidates declared qualified in written test. Next these candidates shall be interviewed by Service Selection Board for final selection. The finally selected candidates shall get admission into