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How to NOT loss focus during exams

Exam pressure is huge. But it is really huge? In my opinion, NO, never. It seems huge because there are too many empty noises. Everyone has an opinion around you,  your exams,  your career.
The problem area is, we take empty noises seriously, every empty noise bothers us.
Teacher: Exams are coming,  you are poor in language.
Parents: Will you pass the exam with good grade?
Friends: How much you will score?
Siblings: You don't study hard...
Neighbors: What is your career plan?
All these people are not your enemy.  In fact they are the first who come to give you courage in hard times.
Their problem is not you,  your grade or career. Exam is a talking point, it makes news and people love to talk.
The problem is when we hear empty noises we loss control over us.
Be like a lorry driver. Go highway and observe how a lorry driver do not change lane despite too many horns blown into  ears.
A good driver always keep the vehicle on track and let the other vehicles pass when there is room to give a pass.
Dictionary has given us,  two beautiful words to not loss focus, 'excuse me'.

Get a degree in Sports Sciences from University of Delhi

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) University of Delhi (DU)

Are you a champion of sports and games? Is risk taking seems adventurous to you? Do you like stay in shape? Or do you like to conquer the high peaks?
If answer to all above is in affirmative University of Delhi offers teacher training courses in physical education at various levels.

If you are an sports buff, purse a career in sports sciences. The Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Edcation and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) offers M.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., (P.E.H.E. & Sports) and Research programs leading to the award of PhD. The institute comes under the Inter-Disciplinary & Applied Sciences, University of Delhi. Course details are given below
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Health Education & Sports: B.Sc. (P.E.,H.E. & S.)-Six Semesters {Three Years} Degree Course after 10+2.
  • Bachelor of Physical Education: B.P.Ed. Two Semesters {One Year} Teacher Training Course after Graduation.
  • Master of Physical Education: M.P.Ed.-Four Semesters {Two years} Degree Course after B.Sc.(P.E.,H.E. &Sports)/B.P.Ed.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physical Education (2 to 5 years) :
  • Applications  for  admission  to  Ph.D.  Programme  in  the  Department  of  Physical  Education  & Sports Sciences  (University of  Delhi)  are  being  considered  twice  in  a  year  i.e.  in  July  and December.  For further  details,  please  contact  the  office  of  the  Head  of  the  Department  of Physical Education & Sports Sciences.

 Selection Procedure

The IGIPESS select candidates for admission into Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programmes based on the performance in Written Test, Physical Fitness and Interview.

For more details log on to

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Edcation and Sports Sciences
B - Block Vikas Puri, New Delhi - 18

Courses On Offer- M.P.Ed., B.P.Ed., (P.E.H.E. & Sports)

Sale of Application Form
Opening Date: 9th May 2007
Closing Date: 1 June 2007

Fees: Rs. 100 at Counter if by post DD of amount 135 should be
drawn in favor of The Principle, IGIPESS Payble at New Delhi

Phone: 011-25593497
Fax: 011-25549003

Download Cheat Sheet: How to chose between two different jobs

Throughout the academic career, an individual acquire many skills. From among the skill sets he / she can apply for couple of jobs. Today's question arise from my Quora Profile; an user asked which is better job, editing or marketing?

Editing and Marketing are very broad terms, but from the question I felt and most precisely, I suppose, this person is eligible for both the jobs but not pretty sure to which to make a career choice. For obvious reasons, I think of perhaps this is the problems of many job seekers when they are stuck in selecting a career.

Suppose you have two jobs to chose from Job A and B or three Jobs, Job A, B and C then how to select the better one that fits you?

Consider following points when deciding between Jobs. Ask to yourself following questions

  1. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for this job?
  2. What are the new things I need to learn to do this job? Oo I have necessary skills?
  3. Where I want to be 2 year / 3 year / 5 year down the line? Can this job take me to the place in a fixed period of time?
  4. What are the possibilities for growth and promotions?
  5. How much money I will make from this job?
  6. Whether I will be able to buy a house and save enough for retirement?
  7. If this job will help me in building better relationship with people?
  8. Which job I will really enjoy doing the most?
  9. Which job will give me better and healthy work environment?
  10. Whether I will be able to make changes with time and grow with inustry?
 Here is method to method to evaluate possibilities

  1. Take an spreadsheet, Microsoft XL, Google Sheet or Any you use.
  2. In the sheet mark First Column A as Question, Second Column B as Job A or Job Title, Second Column C as Job B or Job Title, similarly you can mark Job C and Job D
  3. Under the column A, fill these questions 1 to 10
  4. Now against each question give points to each job. For example; 8 points for question no 2 against Job A and 7.5 points against job B
  5. Now sum all the points given against each question for each job.
  6. At the end you will get score of Job on a scale of 10.
Now is the time to decision making

Go for the job that has done well on your evaluation scale. In case of a tie, go for the one that you  will truly love doing.

Trust me, love is alive.

Download My Job Selection Cheat Sheet

How many times I should really try for GATE

A user asked, I failed twice in GATE, shall I give it a 3rd try or look for alternative career?

From experiences I know, qualifying an examination does not define your capabilities. An examination is a way to follow a certain path for a selected career. Rahul Bajaj, the noted industrialist, written an article way back in summers of 2007 in TOI, where he argued that higher education is a costly affair. When leaving school, you first decide, why you chosing for higher education, are really keen to work on those research laboratories or you are not sure. If you are not pretty sure, chose for alternative career instead of burning midnight oil and then looking for a job at a Pizza Selling Shop or Petrol Pump.
I wish I may have read this during my school years. I am from not a so rich family and I was not a topper. Joining Max Plank on freeship is really really a sweet day dreaming but today I know, perhaps I can't meet many criteria and required money to go for Max Plank and do research.
Going by the analogy, I suppose, you already had put 2 long years on GATE which is a huge time.
So in the Quest of passing GATE, you did not miss out on other beautiful things, I would suggest you to find an alternative career, preferably a Job in your area of expertise.
Everyone is expert in doing something so are the you.
This does not employee that you leave appearing for GATE. Still you can find one day in a year to appear for exam. And 2 hours a day to study for it.
If you already had appeared two times I suppose, your basic understanding of subject matter is already good and need to focus on week areas.
When you will have an alternative career in hand, your mind will be much in free zone to focus on week areas, the reasons behind not passing it.
If your are passionate about GATE, keep appearing but at the same time make best use of your time.
Reading is fun when you do it for passion. You can perform better when you are least stressed.

 GATE is window not the door, follow alternative roots and bring out best your potential.

PS: This is useful for many students who are repeatedly for any examination but not finding a place in merit.

Time comes for a price much than Gold.

QnAs: Engineering Services Examination 2018

Who don't want to be an Engineer? This is most sought after profession in the world. Engineers are nation builders. Engineering of Things teaches these sharp minds to do engineering of society as well. No matter, how many engineering colleges are there, how many employed / unemployed engineering graduates are there, an Engineer always draws attention where he go.

Is your course employable

University degree comes for a significant cost both in therms of time and money. Its a costly affair. You need to chose course wisely. Do not take a course because your neighborhood friend is going for it. Do your home work before writing college application. Here are important points to consider when chosing a course / college / university

Know which US job suits you

Are you looking for a job in United States but confused which career to chose? You are not alone. Everyone get loads of confusion when chosing a career. Sometime you want to chose one but cannot because of certain compulsions.

QnA: SAT / SAT Subjects Tests

SAT is as administered by College Board for admission into US Colleges. Here are answered general questions about SAT Test / SAT Subject Test.

What is SAT?
SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, its an examination to test your college readiness after 12 year of school education.

Which Social Media Is Right For Your Career

Social Media is talk of the town. If you are not on social media, certainly you will miss on something. However, it’s a most confusing place; your world is limited with 5 inches or less. Android and Internet give a massive boost to social media. People of all categories (all IQ level) have the privilege to meet each other. This is why Social Media is viral. I am not a very social guy, I like keeping things within me. I am not much talkative till it’s not the matter of a debate and winning a competition. However, I am also into social media. Couple times I deleted my social accounts for one reason or the other. But need arises to recreate one again because I need to meet people, my fans and friends.

There are many social media solutions. You can use one for a purpose. However, in my opinion different social media serves to different purposes. Students should be early adopter to social media. A conscious selection of social media is important to build a strong profile. Admission Officers and Recruiters are much likely to scan your social media before making a call. For the benefits of learners and job seekers here I am classifying Social Media Selection For A Career

6 Websites To Ask Career Questions and Get Answers

Everybody need a counselor at some point of time in life. In fact, irrespective of how influential a person is he / she need counseling at every new step. The requirement of a counselor arises even before a child take birth, parenting counseling, admission counseling, job counseling, financial counseling, business counseling, health counseling, study abroad counseling, retirement counseling, virtually the list is endless.

QnA: How a not so rich student from Bangladesh can pursue Post Graduate studies from a Japanese University?

Question: I am a student from Bangladesh graduating from Dhaka University on Social Welfare & Research Subject. My Course will complete in 2018. I want to pursue Post Graduation from Japan but I am not financially sound and won’t be able to pay for tuition fees. Please guide me, how can I fulfill my dreams.

Answer: It’s nice to know that you are a deserving candidate and willing to pursue higher studies. Researchers form backbone of human society. Institutions from across world invite deserving candidates from all locations.

So what makes a deserving candidate?

Q&As: Software Testing Jobs for ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Professionals

A reader asked, ‘I am from India; I did my degree in Computer Science & Engineering can I get software testing job on the basis of ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?

Well, as far as I know Software Testing / Application Testing is integral part of BE / B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering curriculum across all Engineering Colleges in India. Subject matter also makes part of Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering, BCA, MCA etc. The level of techniques taught and applications / environments worked varied from course to course. If you already have acquired a degree qualification in Computer Science & Engineering or equivalent and passionate about debugging and testing you can apply for a software tester job. 

To become good tester knowledge of debugging is vital; you need to know how to correct a program. When you know how to debug a program together with how to find flaws in it, this helps a lot in climbing the ladder. Some day, from a tester job, you can move to a position to team lead and as high as of web architect.

Q&A: I have 10 year experience in Voice Based jobs? Suggest me some nice course to find a new job or make my Startup successful

Question: A reader asked: I am a B.Com. graduate from a reputed university in India and hold Certificate in Web Computing from NIIT in MS Application, Front Page, JAVA, SQL 7.0. I am good in English and hence took job in voiced based industry where I serve to national and international clients. Though in past 10 years, I did job in voice based industry but unsatisfied with my growth. I am 40 now but at the same place where I was 10 years ago. Please suggest me some job oriented or business course that I can take to move ahead and make a decent living. Now, I am into my own Startup with meager capital. Its a venture into corporate gifting but its a seasonal business and I am afraid if it will dwindle my savings.