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How To Use Google Plus for Job Search

Social Media is dominating every sphere of life. People love to connect. Mobile devices are getting cheaper day by day. Today, Smartphone is not a thing for wealthy but a necessity for everyone. Android bring a revolution in this. This works for social media successes as opium. By year 2020 social media will reach to remotest of the towns and villages. In fact it’s already started reaching through initiatives like

How To Revise For Board Exams In Two Months Time

March is the time in India when teens write Class 12th and Class 10th examination with whole lot of expectations. Every eyes in the school campus say, few more days and I will be free bird, I will get to a new campus, my time is coming to enjoy college life and perhaps I will locate to a new city. Some students have fixed target to get into Engineering Physics, or become an astronaut and some other has in target to join a particular college in any study stream. Everyone has some expectation from the self to achieve, may be; certain percentage or grade point in board exam and then set for a new career.

How To Use Twitter For #JobSearch

Twitter for job search caught my attention every now and then. While working for an Ireland Based Recruiter, I did rounds of many social media and dig deeper to find whether employer use it for hiring and if job seekers can get some benefit out of social media like Twitter.

From my experiences, for sure I can say, Hiring Managers and CEOs turn to twitter looking for potential workforce. Very recently, Elon Musk took it to Twitter while looking for hiring for Tesla Motors! Proof enough, 180 characters are not any less to give a shout out while looking for hiring or get hired.

IIM Nagpur

The Indian Institute of Management Nagpur established in 2015 is newest edition in the IIM Business Schools category in India. The IIM Ahmedabad is mentor institute to IIM Nagpur. At present educational activities are administered through VNIT Campus, Nagpur. The institute offers flagship PGP i.e. Post Graduate Programme in Management.

IIM Bodh Gaya

The Indian Institute of Management Amritsar established in 2015 is newest edition in the IIM Business Schools category in India. The IIM Calcutta is mentor institute to IIM Bodh Gaya. The institute offers flagship PGP i.e. Post Graduate Programme in Management.

IIM Amritsar

The Indian Institute of Management Amritsar established in 2015 is newest edition in the IIM Business Schools category in India. The IIM Kozhikode is mentor institute to IIM Amritsar. At present educational activities are administered through temporary campus located at Punjab Institute of Technology, Government Polytechnic Compound. The institute offers flagship PGP i.e. Post Graduate Programme in Management.

Anatomy Of A College Fresher Bio Data

Educational Institutions across the world churn out eligible human resources on year to year basis. Only a fistful get first job / internship through campus selection. However, a huge pool of eligible graduates and diploma holders leave campus with a question in mind 'whether I shall get a job?' Writing bio data is first thing that every college fresher do while still studying in final year of college. And I know writing your First Bio Data is extremely difficult task in hand. Nobody can do it perfectly so not you. However, to help you, here is: Anatomy of A College Fresher Bio Data

Earn Internship At TCS

The Tata consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the top technology company in India and the world. The company recruits college fresher to work with various departments, products and services. Currently TCS has two arms: 1. IT – Information Technology and 2. BPS – Business Process Sourcing. If your college has a placement cell, chances are TCS recruiters will visit your campus for placement. In otherwise case, you can directly apply for Intern Position at TCS IT or BPS given your college is accredited with TCS.

University Students Earn Internship At Facebook

Are you a Business School Graduate or passed out of a Engineering, Technology and Design College? If you are looking for Internship opportunity at one of the best technology in the World, apply for Internship at Facebook. An experience from a company like Facebook will land you best job offer in the industry. Many opportunities are open.

How to of LinkedIn for Job Seekers

The LinkedIn is social media platform for hiring managers, job seekers and hiring consultants. Whether, you are just passed out of college or working but looking for change, an impressive LinkedIn profile could manage a dream job for you. There is huge crowd of job seekers inside LinkedIn, you need to get found in the search results. Here are Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Portfolio

Top 10 Websites for Competitive Examination Preparation

Competitive Examinations i.e. Admission Test, Scholarship Test and Recruitment Exam conducts three categories of testing Paper Based Test (PBT), Computer Based Test (CBT) and Internet Based Test (IBT). Examining bodies prefer for online test (Computer Based Test (CBT) / Internet Based Test (IBT)) because this saves them ease of testing, maintaining records and prevents from hassle of paper work. Also online tests are highly secure in comparison to paper based testing.

Wanna Be An Astronaut? NASA Invites You!

Dreaming of becoming an Astronaut??? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) invites applications from eligible candidates to Join NASA's Space program and become an Astronaut. Only US Citizens are allowed to apply. However, I am publishing this post here to solve the queries in ignited young minds who want to go to space. Hope students from all geographies shall find this information helpful.

10 Speeding Reading Apps To Learn More In Less Time

Curriculum is lengthy for any examination; you need not only to attempt too many questions in less time but also need help in reading fast. Practice is the key to achieve a certain level of speed, but you need help too. In today’s world environment when both parents are busy, certainly students need help from machines and apps. Thanks to app makers who did the great job to assist in learning. Using speed reading techniques, you can multiply your reading speed up to 3 times. Obviously not in a single day, but you need commitment and regular practice towards it. These apps make use of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) technique to display words in rapid manner, so you can read truly fast. Here are 10 Speed Reading Apps To Help You In Multiplying Reading Speed.

Want to learn online? Here is your guide!!!

Different people have different ways of doing things. They live differently on their own way and make a difference to the world, differently. Everybody need to learn. Some people learn better in groups and classrooms, some learn better during most silent hours. I am writing this post at wee hours. That's nature. All people are made of same blood and flesh but they all carry distinct personalities. There are men and women who learn better online. This century will be known in the history of mankind for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Here is Ted Talk: John Green's Lecture "The Nerd's Guide To Learn Everything Online". I am passionate about online learning simply because I learnt everything from books, computers and nature. Here is your turn now.

Top 5 Read Books of 2015 on Google Play Store

Everybody loves books. Perhaps some can argue and say a Nay. Someone can say, no, I love Piano. Show him a great book about a great pianist and see the reaction. Times have changed, its era of ebooks. The beginning of 22nd Century shall be known in history for 3 technological innovations: 1. Smartphones (in every pocket); 2. Elearning (Virtual Classrooms) and 3. Social Media (it’s viral). The Cloud will be the biggest innovation of 22nd century. Definitely concept is in existence since long back but virtual cloud started taking it space only very recently.

Q&As: Software Testing Jobs for ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Professionals

A reader asked, ‘I am from India; I did my degree in Computer Science & Engineering can I get software testing job on the basis of ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?
Well, as far as I know Software Testing / Application Testing is integral part of BE / B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering curriculum across all Engineering Colleges in India. Subject matter also makes part of Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering, BCA, MCA etc. The level of techniques taught and applications / environments worked varied from course to course. If you already have acquired a degree qualification in Computer Science & Engineering or equivalent and passionate about debugging and testing you can apply for a software tester job. 
To become good tester knowledge of debugging is vital; you need to know how to correct a program. When you know how to debug a program together with how to find flaws in it, this helps a lot in climbing the ladder. Some day, from a tester job, you can move …

12 tips on studying for exam and score more

Nobody teaches how to study? This is why many student lag behind in academics. Be this school teacher, tuition teacher or parents. Problem is those fellows also don't know study tips because nobody teach them either. You can find a trainer for personal development, speech, etc but finding a right teacher is pretty tough. A chemistry expert can not show you ways to study chemical engineering. I have pretty tough experiences during my study years as there was no one to guide me. When I moved from primary school to junior school, i found mathematics extremely tough. My math teacher was always ready to beat black and blue if one does not listen patiently. So asking doubt for a 10 year young mind was out of question. Time passes by I moved to next class. In the next year I met a math lecturer who happen to be family friend also. He started helping me and improvement was AWESOME. I found, Math was not but teacher. 
Heck, why should I study Benzene ring if its not interesting to me.

Questions and Answers: An Hour of Code

An hour of code is international event held every year in December to encourage learning of computer science in students, teens and adults. Here are general questions and answers to help in organizing code event.
What is an Hour of Code?
An Hour of Code is a global event to promote learning of computer science in school children and general public. The event is celebrated every year during December 7-13 in the memory of computer science pioneer Grace Hooper. This time of the year is celebrated as Computer Science Education Week also called #CSEdWeek or #CSWeek.

12 Ways To Learn Design Skills Online

Learning : Good Grades : : Education : Job
When you write an entrance examination, admission test or recruitment paper, the examiner test you on what you have learnt in academia. Then come in the line your education which is tested during time of Personal Interview / Group Discussion etc. Competition is stiff in any field, for 1 seat in a college, there are 100s of applications and for 1 job vacancy in a local city, there are thousands of applicants. You need to impress your interviewer, to get first call from a recruiting agency or admission office. Skills are important to excel in career and life. Designing is one such skill though which you can impress your admission officer and interviewer alike. Learning right skill sets may send you ahead in the row. Learn Design Skills, improve your portfolio and excel in career.

Computer Science Education Week December 7-13, 2015

Let's celebrate the Birth of Grace Hooper with an Hour of Code!

World is celebrating Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13, 2015) with An Hour of Code in the memory of Computer Science Pioneer Grace Hooper. Born on December 9, 1906, she has the honor to serve to United States Navy in the capacity of Rear Admiral. Her full name was Grace Brewster Murray Hopper. Murray died on January 1, 1992 at the age of 85.

List of Job Search Engines for India

Job Hunt is highly engaging activity. I remember my days, looking for jobs in newspapers, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Employment News and Internet. Couple of years back from resources was limited for job hunt. Those were the day when we youngsters used to approach seniors asking for job openings. And by chance if someone has informed about an opening / a vacant position, oh wow, he/she was God sent messenger. Same was the true with entrance examinations and university admission. Back then facilities were not online, even paying fees to appear for an entrance examination was full day task, as one need to get a Demand Draft from bank. Scenario has changed now. Internet is reaching to every pocket thanks to Android Devices and Andy Rubin. At point I remember a quote from TATA Ji “nothing worth while ever achieved without deep thought and hard work”. In present world scenario choices are many; you can get a job in your pocket anytime. But selection between choices becomes tougher. I…

Earn Internship With Yahoo India

Are you college student looking for Internship opportunities? Whether you are from Engineering and Technology or any different, Yahoo India offers Internship opportunities for graduating students. Needless to say Yahoo is International Technology Company and has Headquarters in Silicone Valley California. For obvious reasons opportunities are open worldwide. They have very broad range of interests. Irrespective of your study stream, it’s wise to keep a check on Yahoo Job website if you are looking for Internship. A Yahoo experience shall open many vistas to excel further in career and life. 

Intel Internship Opportunities open for Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. Candidates

Intel, the world's top technology company offers many different options for students looking for Internship program. Company is open to all graduating candidates and those graduated within past 18 months. Also there are internship opportunities for Diploma, Masters, and PhD Program students. When you work at Intel you not only do job but learn new things and build strong recommendations. Competitive stipend is paid to every Intern depending on his/her qualification and the type of job he / she is involved into. If you are a graduating candidates or studying for master's or Ph.D qualification, you are eligible to join Intel for Temporary Full Time Position. 

How to increase your reading speed

My Free Tips To Increase Your Read Speed - By Following These 5 Techniques You Can Triple Your Reading Speed Everybody goes to school, you attend same lectures as your friends. Perhaps you put more time in studies than your roommate in hostel. But you score less. Why? What is different in your friends? What is that one thing / one area in which you are lagging behind? Perhaps it could be reading speed. Mastering the art of reading is as important as biking or hiking. Can you ride a bike very first time and comfortably with good speed? Perhaps no if you never driven one before. But after couple of months you can drive at good speed like a Pro.

This Mark Zuckerberg's Letter To Daugher Max Is Worth Reading

Personality builds over time. Recruiters scan your personality traits before handling that lucrative job offer letter. Imagine, an Interviewer asking questions this way

Q: Being a coder how you connect to friends in a distant lab? You: Social Media
Q. Did you heard of Mark Zuckerberg? You: Yes, he is Founder of Facebook
Q. Mention two main points that Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan addressed in a letter to newly born Max. You: No, I didn't read it.
Here you see, how far your interviewer has taken you through a simple question. Interviewer want to access you on three parameters, curiosity, awareness and responsibility. 
The answer is "advancing human potential and promoting equality".

Engineering Students, MBAs and University Students Join IBM as Intern

Where to go after IBM? Everywhere, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Facebook and world is broader bigger outside. There shall be no more looking back once you get an experience certificate from IBM. The International Business Machine (IBM) is one of most loved company among Engineering Students and MBAs from world over. There is a lot to do from inside IBM to the world; Consulting, Research, Software, Sales. There exists innumerable opportunities and winning is in your hands. The company operates across 173 countries and serves to 17 industries. Once you complete Internship perhaps there will be few (may be no one) those will reject your job application.

Is A Degree In Computer Science Worth

The Computer Science and Engineering a.k.a. CSE is hot career option. It opens many vistas to excel in career and life. World is driven by computers and hence the requirements for eligible computer science graduates is ever increasing. Whether you should find a job after acquiring BSc/BE/B.Tech/MS/M.Tech degree in Computer Science and its related areas shall depend mainly on one thing; how you can make the difference in live people through your computing knowledge. Whether you should acquire a qualification in computer science depends on your Academic Rating in Mathematics and Science, Ability To Learn and Adopt New Things and Ability To Logic. If you are awesome, its definitely worth. Whether you get a job offer or not depends on how many jobs are created, but truly learned always can get an employment. Here is an awesome article by top technology website, i feel worth sharing Is It Worth It To Study Computer Science?
In my personal opinion, to reach to very top level in the field o…

MS/PhD Candidates Apply for Project Loon, Work with Google

Google is hiring MS/PhD candidates to work with Project Loon team. The eligible candidates need to posses prototyping experience, strong analytical skills and MS/PhD qualification in anyone of the following study areas:

Firmware and controlsFree space optical communicationElectrical engineeringMechanical engineering

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